What we do

Saving For The Future Shouldn't Cost The Earth®

Citizen Shareholders Ltd is the for-profit fintech element of the CitizenShareholders Ecosystem.

Our platform provides a competitive advantage to Asset and Wealth Managers by converting any collective investment, passive or active, into an Ethically Engaged Impact Fund. We do this by transforming indirect shareholders into citizen shareholders.

Citizen shareholders currently hold approximately $40 trillion in collective investments, including pensions, mutual funds, and ETFs. As well as voting at General Meetings of Shareholders, citizen shareholders will also be able to support externally proposed resolutions so that they can trigger minority rights. What we believe is unique about our value proposition is our ability to aggregate support across all jurisdictions as well as all Asset Managers.

Our innovation separates stock selection from stock voting, and bolts on to any existing equity containing vehicle. This allows fund managers to focus on maximising investment returns, whilst empowering those that bear the investment risk to exercise the right to support the causes that matter to them.

Capitalism fixing capitalism®

We have spent 4 years developing a business model that aligns impact with profit. Our ecosystem delivers equally well whether you view us through an engagement, an ESG, or a growth lens. If 10 percent of your clients sign up on day one, you would need to grow your AUM by 0.011% to generate a positive return.

Beyond Greenwash®

What we don’t do is empower greenwash. Our service is only available to those who agree to offer our service across their portfolio (this doesn’t have to happen on day 1).

Evolutionary Change - Revolutionary Effect®

It is our contention that this small evolutionary change by the Asset Management industry can have a revolutionary effect on the behaviour of the corporations that dominate our planet - and the market share of early adopting Asset Managers.

How does it work?

  • Our app allows your clients to vote all the shares in their pensions and investments, in line with their ethical values, in one place - have a sneak peek on the left...

  • Your clients can choose a Trusted Third Party (across five categories, including climate, animal, and environment) so their decisions are constantly aligned by default with their favourite charities and NGOs

  • Our app will let your clients get the issues that matter to them onto the only corporate agenda that truly accounts - the legally binding Annual General Meetings

  • It aggregates support for external resolutions across all Asset Managers and jurisdictions, detecting when minority voting rights are triggered, and allowing voting at General Meetings

  • Voting on ethical AGM resolutions will be back in the hands of those bearing the investment risk - i.e. you

who are individual citizen shareholders?

Individual Citizen Shareholders are:

  • The 100+ million indirect shareholders in the US

  • The two thirds of the working population in the UK

  • The 300+ million people globally who are currently denied the right to vote the shares they own through their collective investments