The Citizen Shareholders Ecosystem comprises of three elements:

Citizen Shareholders Ltd. (CSL) - a for-profit 'electoral mechanism' that sells a service to Asset Managers that can convert any equity containing collective investment into an Ethically Engaged Impact Fund by transforming indirect shareholders into Citizen Shareholders.

Citizen Shareholders International (CSI) - a not-for-Profit 'electoral commission' that manages the Citizen Shareholders Assemblies and oversees the Trusted Third Party (TTP) program.

CitizenShared CIC - a community interest company that owns 34% of CSL. The CIC's community consists of the people globally who use the shares they own through their collective investments to impact the behaviour of the corporations that dominate our planet.

These three organisations, each with their own separate governance, are designed to empower an environment that incentivises each of our three major stakeholder groups (Asset Managers, TTPs, and you - the individual citizen shareholder) to create a scalable, sustainable, and ultimately more profitable, form of capitalism.

The Ecosystem's mission is written into the Objectives of each of the three entities.