Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ethically Engaged Impact Fund?  

An Ethically Engaged Impact Fund is any collective investment that allows investors to maximize ESG impact, and fund managers to maximize returns.

What are Citizen Shareholders? 

Citizen Shareholders are participants in a collective investment that are empowered to use the shares they indirectly own to support externally proposed company resolutions so that they can trigger minority shareholder rights. They can also vote at general meetings of shareholders.

What are Trusted Third Party (TTPs)? 

The Trusted Third Party role was developed by us with the support of the FCA’s Innovation Hub. The Trusted Third Party can be an NGO, Foundation or Sovereign Wealth whose values you are aligned with. By following a TTP your voting positions are set to theirs, but you have the power to change your position on any resolution, or your TTP whenever you want. 

What are Citizen Shareholder Assemblies (CSA)?

Citizen Shareholders Assemblies are the process, overseen by us, through which externally proposed resolutions get added to the Citizen Shareholders Platform.

Is Citizen Shareholders International (CSI) a charity?

Citizen Shareholders International (CSI) is a not- for profit company limited by guarantee , registered in England with Companies House Number 12154909

We are not a charity and may never become one – the rules on charities lobbying for better legislation have become increasingly restrictive and might prevent us from doing what we need to do.

What does Citizen Shareholders International (CSI) do?

Citizen Shareholders International is the ‘Electoral Commission’ to Citizen Shareholders Ltd’s ‘Electoral Mechanism’.

Its role is to:

Campaign for shareholder rights

Oversee and fund the Trusted Third Party Process

Manage and fund the Citizen Shareholder Assemblies

What is the relationship between Citizen Shareholders International Ltd and Citizen Shareholders Ltd?

Citizen Shareholders International and Citizen Shareholders are two completely separate legal entities. Enshrined in our constitution is a commitment to campaign for shareholder rights to oversee and fund the Trusted Third Party process and manage theCitizen Shareholders Assemblies in line with the Four Principles. Enshrined in Citizen Shareholders constitution is a commitment to pay a minimum of 20% of its commercial revenue, and capital raises to CSI in return for our services.

How is Citizen Shareholders International funded?

Once CitizenShareholders is generating revenue Citizen Shareholders International will receive a minimum of 20% of all revenue and capital raises. In these early days we are also crowdfunding.

What is Citizen Shareholders International’s Governance structure?

We are working on developing a governance structure similar to that of Amnesty International’s with a global council, national, local, student and youth groups all playing a role. In order for this not to be vulnerable to ‘entryism’ we will wait until we have a sufficiently large body of supporters to switch to this structure. In the interim we are building a board of advisors and directors.

What happens to the money raised through CrowdFunding if Citizen Shareholders International is wound up?

In the event of Citizen Shareholders International ceasing trading all the assets will be passed to a not-for-profit promoting Universal Suffrage or responsible corporate governance.

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